Change on commissions rates.

Starting from now, I’m keeping my US$15/hour rate when payed hourly and using a $20/hour rate for individual pieces.
This doesn’t affect earlier commissions and projects I still haven’t got around to finish.

So, you basically can pay me for my skills in 4 different ways:

——At $20/hour:

- Fixed price commissions.
The usual quick commission slots.
If I say “5 slots for coloured sketches, $20 each!” I’ll charge you $20 and that’s it.
When: When slots are open on this kind of commission and you want one xD

- Quote-based commissions.
You write to me with the specs of what you want done and I give you back a quote.
I calculate quotes based on how long I think things will take me, so the raised price is to cover for the (usual) extra time that it may take me to get it done beyond what I estimated.
When:  If you have only one or two pieces of art in mind and nothing else in the foreseeable future, or if you have a fixed budget.

——At $15/hour:

- Prepaid time commissions.
Basically, you pre-pay my time. One hour, two hours, 10 hours.
You and I discuss what you want me to draw in that time and I’ll spend exactly that much time working on it.
If I’m unable to finish it during that time, you just buy more time :)
When: if you have a relatively fixed weekly/monthly budget and you’re not worried about paying a bit more for things to get done.
Also if you want me to do my *very very* best and you don’t mind waiting/paying more for it.

- Workload commissions*.
This is like Time-based commissions, but instead it’s post-paid.
I draw whatever you need me to draw, I log my time, and at the end of the week/month I let you know how much you owe me and you pay me.
When: If you know you’ll be commissioning me often (or a lot for a while) and you can spare the money.
Or if you just want me to get carried away and spend whatever time I want and you’re willing to pay me that much.
*This one is only for trusted clients.

This is to avoid all the problems I’ve had lately with my hour estimations. I calculate 2 hours and it takes me 3, or 4… and I end up with a cramped schedule and getting behind schedule with everything.
Raising my fixed and quote prices will help cover for that extra time, while the time-based commissions will keep being less stressful for me as usual.

Patreon discounts apply for these rates, btw.

Sorry for all the trouble >:

Now, back to try to finish my pendings.

Hi! I think your art skill is getting more and more superb these days :D I also want to learn how to draw, and currently my learning method is by copying the artist that I like. But I've been wondering, when you firstly start, did you try to learn anatomy in the beginning? I wonder if I should master anatomy first before start making difficult artwork :/

Hi there!
Aw, thank you so much, I’m trying my best! >w<

Copying the artists you like is a very good starting method, and it’s also good to try new styles of drawing and colouring along the way, just for fun and as practice.
I started drawing anime when I was around… 12? I did the same as you, copying stuff and them moving onto mixing and matching pose elements from this image and that other image, etc, so I could come up with something more “original”. I kind of understood some notions of anatomy from looking at and analysing the art I copied or referenced, but that was it.

I think I didn’t bother with anatomy until I was in college studying illustration, and that improved my art 100 fold!  I’m still learning, though :) I keep looking at photos and taking webcam pictures of myself in different poses for reference when I just can’t get things right, but yes, studying anatomy helps a lot.

What you can do is what I do, which is to attempt to do more difficult things and use a lot of references to get the different parts of the drawing right. There’s no need to be able to draw every single pose or illustration you can come up with by sheer memory! I think it’s amazing when people can do it, but it’s not a requirement :)

I hope my answer was helpful and good luck on your road to improvement! ^o^

Artist ask - 1 and 8, if you please =)

More desk~~


That’s what’s behind my macbook at all times :3 (my fiancé hates it xD)


And at my right , my scanner (that I barely ever use) and the stuff I keep on top of it xD (again, my fiancé hates it, lol. The white+orange gunpla and the chocobo are his, though!)

8. Do you listen to music when you draw? Favourites?

I do!
When I’m not listening to Focus@Will (, I usually listen to Atelier Ayesha, Totori and Rorona OSTs, Tales of Vesperia OST, Eternal Sonata OST or Homestuck vol.8 :P

1: Take a picture of your workspace. ;3

Already answered! But here, an additional shot :)

1,2,11 :V

1. Take a picture of your Workspace

That’s my desk :3 It’s kind of cluttered but I like it that way xD

2. Show your pencil case and what’s inside

This is kind of my “all purposes” pencil case. It’s *BIG*, and I don’t really carry it with me, but if I want to grab a pencil,a brush or a fine liner, I know it’s somewhere in there xD

11. Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

You caught me wearing pijamas xD I haven’t showered yet ^^;
My legs are pretty white because I don’t wear shorts or skirts often, but my feet have the tan line of my fav sandals, haha.
These pjs are the ones I bought when I traveled to Dallas last year :) kittykatstar knows them :P (they still have a fading wine stain, hahaha)
My pink hair has completely faded.

10. least favourite thing to draw:

Mechanical things! xD
I can pull off organic stuff to a point, but my brain can’t really wrap around the parts of the mechanical objects and machines and how they work together, so I just can’t visualise them ;^;

(I’m looking for the battery charger of my camera to answer the rest of the questions!)